Add Your Role Model

IMPORTANT: Submitting a role model’s story to us for publication on this site (posting on the web is considered publishing) implies you have read the following paragraph, understand it, and will abide by it. If the person(s) named in the story ever involve us in any legal action concerning your story submission, we will involve you.

IMPORTANT: If you suggest we include on a person who is not already known to the public, you MUST either obtain their permission or substitute their real name with “Anonymous.” Some people just do not want their name on the Internet for any reason. If your personal hero is one of them, just tell his or her story without using the person's name or identifying details.  Include yours, though, or maybe your nickname, so you can show their story to them.  Oh, and uh, or maybe duh, in your description don’t reveal their relation to you: the people who can recognize the role model person will recognize the person, but the general public shouldn't be able to invade his or her privacy.

Copyright: All role model stories submitted to us and used by us will be under a Collective Works copyright license.  Essentially that means that you own the rights to your story to use any where and any way you desire, and we ( own the rights to use your story as part of a collective whole to use for purposes.

Note that the people on our lists are included not simply because they achieved something but because of either how they achieved it or how their achievement affected other people. For example, quite a few athletes have set records, but Jackie Robinson not only played well, he broke the color barrier in big league baseball. If the person accomplished something that has no possible official public recognition (“She raised four children on a shoestring, taught them all by example the value of integrity and education, and watched them all earn advanced college degrees and establish productive careers.”)  Just describe the person and try to show why he or she is admired and loved.

Story length can vary. The shorter the better; possibly readers can follow provided links to learn more. About a half page is ideal; more than one page is too much.

Photos should be either owned by you, in the public domain, or used with the permission (YOU get it) of the copyright holder to be used for this website.  (See size limits below.)

Yes, there is a place for you to include a “shameless plug” for your blog, book, biz, etc., as long as it is nothing hateful, illegal, X-rated, etc. You know the drill. If you include it, we'll include it at the bottom of the posted story.

Submission Procedure:

1. Write the story of your role model. YOU must write it; do not send us excerpts of material copyrighted by another person. If appropriate, include links to more info on the person.

2. Attach photos and list their owner / source. (JPG or PNG only, max size = 100 KB, approximately 250 pixels WxH)

3. Include – in the body of your email – your name and preferred email address.

4. Send the story of your role model to us. For !#$%^&*! SPAM control, use the address below. We’ll look it over, maybe edit it a tiny bit, probably post it, and notify you by email that it’s up for the world to see!

EditorA at youknowwhere .com