Advertise with Us

There are two ways you can advertise with us:

1 – For Free: just send us your name, your website address, and a write-up about a role model (from any of the four categories.) We’ll include your name and website at the bottom of your role model’s posting. Tip: check out the Alpha Listing to see if your role model is already listed. Also, see the Add Your Role Model(s) page.  Use this email address:

EditorA at youknowwhere .com

2 – For a nominal charge ($5 per year), you can have a display ad in the right-hand sidebar. A photo, a graphic, or just text, linked to your website or your book, CD, or product on Amazon, etc. Just send us the image (JPG or PNG only, size limit of 25KB, max 175 pixels wide, max 300 pixels high,100 DPI), specify with which role model to display your ad, and send payment to our PayPal account (see address below.)  Tip: you can create your graphic on any of the FREE online photo editors such as,, etc.

• “Per year” is defined as the rest of this month plus the following 12 full months. So, if you wait until the first of next month, you can get 13 full months for the price of 12 BUT you might lose your preferred placement, your choice of which role model story your ad is associated. (Note that the ad space available for each story depends on the length of the story.) That’s 42 cents versus 38 cents per month: use that 13th month for its intended use and get your ad today.

TheWizardofAds at youknowwhere .com