Cathryn Campbell

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Cathryn Campbell

Cathryn Campbell thinks. She observes, she notices, and she thinks. She looks for and sees and feels the ripple effects of her actions and the actions of others. Here’s part of a story from her experience volunteering in rural Africa:

After working to clean the vast puddle of mud we had managed to create, the man thanked me in Ugandan. Unfortunately being Welsh, I was not . . . fluent in Ugandan, but the man did not accept that I wouldn’t understand. He walked away, and I thought nothing of it until he bought a friend over who translated for me. The man wanted to thank me for helping to clean, he said I did not have to, but that I did.

I learnt that even small acts of kindness, which might not seem like much, can really have a lasting big effect on people. That man did not have to thank me, or go to so much effort to communicate that he appreciated what I was doing, but the fact that he did, had a lasting impact on me. I hope that what we did that day, however seemingly small it may be, had an effect on the lives of those we were trying to help.

While there, she did not, could not fully comprehend the role of that particular farming group as part of the social identity of the people and their part in the world economy, but she thought about it. She adds, “Whilst I undeniably feel with great enthusiasm that children such as Tress should not be denied their basic right to an education, giving them the opportunity for employment that they would otherwise not have, is just as important for her to keep her Ugandan traditions and heritage alive.

Here’s a young woman who cares not only about what she does but how she does it because it affects other people and therefore the world.

You can learn more about her on Project Light to Life here.

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