Christine Barba

  • Female
  • Encourager
  • Illuminator
Christine Barba of Project Light to Life

From her blog, Project Light to Life:

A bucket list blogger, who explores happiness, growth, and the world.

Through her blog, Christine Barba hopes to inspire others to cross items off their bucket lists, while documenting her journey to fulfill her goals and help others achieve their own. Her poems, short stories, and non-fiction pieces have appeared in over a dozen literary magazines. During undergrad, she studied English and communication and minored in history and journalism. She is currently a graduate student, who studies rhetoric and composition and will teach the subject next year.

The above only begins to describe Christine. She has created a life-celebrating blog that resonates with literally thousands of followers (17,000+ at the time of this posting). Somehow she finds all kinds of positive, happy people, many of them with substantial personal difficulties, and she champions them and shares them with the world by profiling them on her blog. Other people have attempted or are attempting this (like, uh, this site!), and I have to say, she does it very well!

Instead of blogging about all the annoyances of life, she shows the world, proves to the world by example after example, that each of us has the power to make our individual worlds better, to make life good. And what kind of person is able to find all the impressive people she interviews and writes about? Well, the famous quote of Kahlil Gibran comes to mind: “The appearance of things changes according to the emotions, so the beauty we see in them is actually within ourselves.” (In this case, within her.) Surely her family and friends are quite fond and proud of her.

I strongly suggest you visit her blog, Project Light to Life. Come back here, of course, but you really should see what she’s doing.