Dave Carroll

  • Male
  • Entertainer
  • Lemon-Squeezer
Dave Carroll

When an airline broke his guitar during transport, he wrote a song about it and garnered over 13,000,000 views. That’s what lemon-squeezers do: they take a problem and turn it inside out into a solution.

Brothers Dave and Don Carroll and their band Sons of Maxwell have a few CDs and a following out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, but they came into worldwide fame with their viral video “United Breaks Guitars.” While traveling, Dave noticed the baggage handlers tossing around his $2,500 guitar, but instead of just getting mad and doing whatever, he channeled it a humorous song and video that boosted his career. Also, Don Carroll is a firefighter, no doubt at least a partial inspiration for “The 911 Song”. If you know any firefighters or policemen (or policewomen! But “police persons” sounds just way too politically correct), be sure to show them this song.