Doris Christopher

  • Female
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative Solution-izer
Doris Christopher

In 1980 Doris Christopher was a stay-at-home-mom who, when her youngest child started kindergarten, became a work-at-home-mom. Like many other WAHMs, she wanted to remain on a flexible schedule for her children but still make real progress toward the financial future of her family (her daughters’ college education fund, for one thing.) She did not become a virtual assistant, medical record transcriber, professional survey taker, a real estate agent, or any of the other cliché stereotypes associated with WAHMs. No, unlike most other WAHMs, she borrowed $3,000 and started her own business that, in the years that followed, went international and eventually sold for $700 million.  (She stayed with the company as Chairman.) Now THAT’S a good ROI (Return On Investment)!

Doris Christopher is the founder of Pampered Chef, the well-known kitchen appliance multi-level marketing company. The idea spawned from her houseguests who would ask her where she got a particularly good gadget or appliance. Her first “party” sale brought in less than $200, and it took 7 years to gross $1 million. But hey, during those 7 years she was (1) having fun, (2) making money, and (3) building the base for even bigger business.

I say she’s a great role model because she (1) recognized an opportunity (to supply household cooks with quality utensils), (2) was courageous and confident enough to start a business that would be competing with retail giants, and (3) worked at something she personally gave a damn about and persevered for years to see her idea fully mature.