Ellen Ripley

  • Female
  • Courageous
  • Demon-Fighter
Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley – almost always referred to as just “Ripley” – is an alien-uber-monster-fighting heroine from the very successful “Alien” movie franchise. She is heralded as a great role model not because she physically fights murdering monsters but because she overcomes her fear, channels her emotions, and does what needs to be done. In 1992’s movie Alien, she debuted as a regular crew member of a spaceship, as terrified of the alien monster as every other crew member. She finds her courage, though, more and more as it’s needed, and she alone survives. Well, so does the pet cat, but that's thanks to Ripley.

1986 brought the sequel to Alien, Aliens, and then in 1989, Aliens 3. In each sequel, Ripley becomes stronger inside, more assertive. By 1997, in Alien: Resurrection, long-dead Ripley is reincarnated with alien DNA and now has alien-predator focus and enhanced strength and senses. Near the end of the movie, when another character says, “What do we do now?” Ripley replies, “I don’t know: I’m new here myself.”  That, in our humble opinion, is a nod to all people who are finding their own strength and making their own place in their own worlds . . .