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Jackie Parry

Jackie Parry never set out to make a name for herself, never had the goal of doing something extraordinary just for the sake of being some kind of famous. No, like most of us all she did was try to fit together the pieces of her life in a way that worked for her. She did a fine job of it, too: without knowing even the nautical terms for the front and back of a boat she found herself living on one, and the next thing you know, she and her husband had sailed their boat literally around the world.

As of this writing, she and Noel are living on the canals of France on their Dutch barge, and between their circumnavigation and now they earned their commercial skipper’s licenses and worked internationally. They’ve been Marine Rescue skippers, achieved Certificate IV in Maritime (Master 4 – up to 80 metre vessels) and hold MED3 (Marine Engine Driver) certificates, and they’ve have taught commercial maritime courses. They’ve co-written a pilot book (in America) and several hundred magazine articles worldwide. In 2013 they published Cruisers’ AA (Accumulated Acumen) and Jackie has recently published Of Foreign Build - From Corporate Girl to Sea-Gypsy Woman. All mostly by putting one foot in front of the other . . .

These accomplishments, however, are not what make her a role model. Maybe the best way to explain is to borrow the words from someone who reviewed her book Of Foreign Build:

I want to mention . . . my admiration for Jackie Parry too.  She glosses over her achievements, but reading between the lines, I more than take my hat off to her.  For an example of someone with guts, courage and determination to live life on her own terms, I can’t think of anyone better.  She has not only lived her dream, she is fully qualified to do it too, gaining top diplomas in many areas of marine skills.  And let’s not forget the magnificent (and probably very patient) Noel, the rock on whom Jackie has depended and whose patience helped her find peace after the sadness of her early bereavement.  Jackie’s personality shines through this book.  She is feisty, intrepid, fun and friendly, but also unashamedly given to bursts of temper and petulance – a wonderfully human being who has told a wonderfully compelling story.

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