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Keith Maginn

Keith Maginn has helped a lot of people with their emotional pain by writing about his.  His book Turning This Thing Around has been described as "a seamless combination of a personal narrative and a self-help book (that actually helps)."  From his website’s About Me page:

"When I started writing what eventually became Turning This Thing Around, I had no plans of ever publishing it. I was writing for myself, for my own sanity. I was in the midst of a relationship with a young woman who was suffering terribly with bipolar depression. She was adamant that no one know what was going on.

I found myself slipping away quite a bit myself and I knew I couldn’t keep everything bottled up inside. Not wanting to betray her trust and talk to anyone about it, I started writing. It was my therapy, before I actually sought out a professional therapist.

Looking back, I believe therapy, meditation and writing saved me. Despite these coping tools, I was dangerously close to a complete nervous breakdown. Very early on, the story seemed to write itself. It quickly became evident to me that others might benefit from what I was writing. I felt people could relate to at least some of what I was going through: heartbreak, depression, chronic pain, frustration . . .

What started as a very personal diary evolved into something I want to share with others. I have gotten so many replies from people that relate and share their own stories with me; it’s inspiring! We’re all in this together!!"

Plenty of people can tell a tale of woe, and there are some people that can tell it an absorbing way.  The trick, though, is to get your burden off your chest in a such a way that it encourages others to persevere in their own long war with their own demons.  Way to go, Keith Maginn!

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