Melissa Conway

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Melissa Conway

Melissa Conway is no slouch: her book Xenofreak Nation is the WINNER of the Global Ebook Award for the category of Speculative Fiction / Science Fiction. Also, she has (currently) four other titles in print, and one of those – SelfSame – was marked highly by Writer’s Digest for their 2013 awards (it was given 5/5 for Plot, Character Development, and other criteria, but didn’t win because it was judged only 3/5 for Production Quality and Cover Design.)

What first caught our attention, though, is her YouTube video, The Indie-Author Lament. It’s humorous in a self-deprecating, non-whining way; the lyrics are “tight”; it’s a very well-done execution of a simple idea. That last part is key because surely many people have had ideas about videos similar to this, but Melissa Conway (a) brought hers into existence and (b) did a fine job of it. When you watch it, you can’t help but think, “Hey! This woman has a way with words . . . maybe I’ll get one of her books . . .”

She takes it a step further, too – she tells you exactly how to put together a maybe-viral video of your own, step by step, for free. Here’s her guest post on the HowtoWriteShop site. Writing, publishing, and marketing are competitive businesses, but instead of being a tooth-and-claw cat, Melissa Conway, while still on her way up, is reaching out to help other writers begin their climb. She’s talented, prolific, funny, and kind of sweet: you could “do a whole lot worse” for someone to emulate!

But that’s not all. If you go to her blog WhimSilly, you can find her post, “The Devil Went Online to Amazon,” a parody sung to the tune of Marshall Tucker’s The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Realize that the song has been around for about 30 years, and Amazon’s been around for about 15 years, both of them right there in front of the faces of millions of creative people, and Melissa Conway is the only person who put them together (or at least got any international attention for it!)

Yes, she’s on the ball and deserves success as a writer!