Nia McMannon

  • Female
  • Adventurer
  • What mean this word, "can't"?
Nia McMannon with snakes on her head

This woman comes from a very small town in eastern Washington, remote enough that it was an hour-and-a-half drive to the grocery store. However, her vision took her much farther. She became a mother, a prison minister (for all non Christian faiths), and a small business owner. She has had a live cobra placed on her head for “happy life, happy life” (in Morroco), been eye to eye with a wild black albino mountain lion (very rare), and even wrestled a buffalo (okay, it was her uncle's farm-raised buffalo, but still, it was a buffalo!) She's also adept at archery and both tomahawk and knife throwing. Recently, now a grandmother and great-grandmother, she learned to sail then promptly bought an old sailboat on which to live and cruise the East coast and maybe the Caribbean. (And she’s handling the boat by herself!)

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