Perry Chen

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Perry Chen

It started with Perry Chen when he unsuccessfully attempted to set up an event for the 2002 Jazz Fest in New Orleans. The main problem was the risk of making legal contracts for the event and then not having enough ticket-buyers to cover expenses. He had the thought of getting pledges for tickets and only then confirming the contracts, but he knew of no way of doing that. And, if there was a system, a structure to help set up his project, of course it could be used to help set up other peoples’ projects. The idea stewed in his brain for 3 years. He met Yancey Strickler, and then, a year later, Charles Adler. Together they developed the idea, creating everything but a working website. It wasn’t until 2008 that they were able to make real progress getting the site together, and then it wasn’t until April 2009 that the site was officially launched and opened to the public. So, the timeline for it all was something like this: (1) get idea, (2) for 7 years work out details, (3) for another year make the details reality, (4) change many thousands of lives. Cool. Very cool.

Here's the transcript of NPR's interview with Perry Chen and a "Kickstarter," Emily Richmond (who's also listed here on Our Role