Teresa Carey

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  • Adventurer
  • What mean this word, "can't"?
Teresa Carey

Just this one quote from Teresa Carey gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of person she is, what kind of young woman lives on a small sailboat, sails it all over the place, and has built a life for herself by following her interests: “When you dream of something, instead of thinking why not, just decide to do it and make a plan to make it work out, later.”

She is doing what she dreamed of doing, and she is doing it by focusing on the what and the why and trusting the how to reveal itself. This is not to say she does not plan and prepare and merely believes karma and luck will provide a way: anybody who’s ever taken a small boat out on the ocean knows damn well you’d better be prepared for when things go well and extra-prepared for when things go surprisingly badly. What Ms. Carey does is trust in her ability to work her way to her goal, and she risks not just her imagined future but her immediate physical safety and possibly even her life (uh, ya, she sails her small boat in search of icebergs . . . watch here!) Look around - that trait is just not overly common, is it? Another quote from her, though we think maybe she’s not the first to have said this, ““Fear isn’t overcome; it is managed.”

So, not only is she doing what she dreamed of doing, living the life she wants to live, she has found a way to at least partially support herself just by being herself!  Look at her blog: see those corporate sponsors? Anybody out there reading this have corporate sponsors partially subsidizing your rent, commuting, or TV-watching? She’s a smart cookie, for sure.

It turns out that we here at Our Role Models .com are not the only people who admire her spirit: on her blog there is a link to her TEDx talk (worth watching!), and in the comments below the video a number of people tell her exactly how she has inspired them to follow their dreams. (Note that the people at TED, of course, invited her to speak.)

Her YouTube channel is “SailingSimplicity”. We suggest you watch “Teresa Carey: Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, "Liveaboard life: minimalism in a tiny home at sea", and "Life aboard Daphne".